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For the record… October 6, 2010

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So it seems some clarification is necessary regarding my last post.

When I said “IT” girl(s), I meant it in the Hollywood sense.  As in, “she’s so hot right now, she is definitely this season’s IT girl.”

I did not mean it in the business sense.  As in, “she’s got mad C++ skills; the new IT girl is really going to make our website tight!”

Are we all on the same page now?

Moving on…

One topic I have been fascinated by for the past few years is “kids today.”  I have a sister that is 15 years younger than me.  For those of you counting, that makes her 18, a freshman in college.  Thanks in part to her, I have managed to stay somewhat connected to what’s cool.  (is it still cool to say cool?)

She taught my husband and I that aside from the high school cliques that we grew up with, there was also a new classification. Emo. We thought maybe it was similar to the Goth kids from our day.  But no, goth still exists and apparently co-exists with the emo, the jock, the popular kids and the nerds. (p.s. a word of advice to my sister: date the nerd, they’re grateful and that always works in your favor.) She introduced us to a website that had animated cartoons of a dirty dog named Precious. And she showed me that everything old is new again when I saw that her and her friends had made a slam book when she was 12. (although we would have never dreamed of using the words she did.)

And that is the thing about kids today.  They have such an irreverence (25 cent word) for…well for everything.  They take for granted that the latest gadget will be theirs before they can say “daddy please.” (No dear sister, this is not aimed specifically at you)

They swear and cuss in front of their parents as if dropping F-bombs at the dinner table is standard operating procedure. They have no curfew. There is no sense of propriety when it comes to the amount of skin that is shown. They drink while in high school.  Sure, some of us did that back in the day too.  But here’s the kicker: these days, the parents know about it.  We at least had the decency to keep it hush-hush and try to sneak it.  Any why?  Because we knew we were doing something WE WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO DO!!! These kids, they flaunt it, posting pictures of their escapades on facebook, and bragging about it in status updates.  Oy.

But what really kills me about kids today is how they communicate.  We live in a world of instant gratification.  Even I am guilty of using my phone more to text than to actually speak.  But I actually spell words out! (with the exception of LOL of course) If I never see l8r again, I will live.  Or how about nd?  Is it really that hard to throw that “a” at the beginning of the word?  And I hate Idono. Add to this list all the new abbreviations for words such as delish (delicious), obvi (obviously) and totes (totally)

What are these kids so busy with that they don’t have time to type (or say) a full word? 

Well, Idono, it’s totes obvi that they have to post a delish status update on Twitter and Facebook. L8r!

(P.S. I love you my gorgeous, funny, loving sister!)


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