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Ummmm… October 7, 2010

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Ok, so I have no real plan for this post, so just be patient with me.

DISCLAIMER: Also, I realize many people will probably feel I owe them an apology for the contents of this blog.  Last night it was my sister.  Tonight, it may be my husband. However, I don’t intend to apologize.  I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you have to give me a bit of artistic license. I happen to slant toward the sarcastic. To the ones I love, take yourself out of the equation and then see if you can find the humor.  I heart you all.

The night I published my first post on this blog and went “live” I asked my husband to read it.  We were in bed, so he pulled it up on the Android and took his time reading through the About page and the first post about IT girls.  When he was done, I asked him what he thought.

My husband isn’t prone to being particularly verbose and this was no exception.  After being quiet for a while, he threw out this gem: “You go girl.  Way to be Carrie Bradshaw.”

So, first of all….you go girl.  Really?  When was the last time it was ok to say that? And who started that whole girl power thing anyway?  The Spice Girls? Susan Powter?  No, “Stop the Insanity!” was her schtick.

(ok, quick aside: I just entered exactly this into a google search: “you go girl” quotes and all.  I will let you find out for yourself, but the first search result is priceless.)

So I revised my search a bit and stumbled upon two interesting sites.  The first didn’t really provide an answer but was amusing nonetheless.  Check it out when you have a minute or three and want a laugh.

The second one offered this up: you go girl – much used on daytime debate and confrontation shows, what’s the there earliest source of ‘you go girl‘? – the 1992-97 ‘Martin’ TV Show starring Martin Lawrence? Shakespeare? A 1957 Katherine Hepburn movie? Confirmation/suggestions/examples of early usage wanted please.

Now that I have veered completely off subject, let’s get back to the original train of thought.  Second thing that occurs to me is that my husband knows who Carrie Bradshaw is.

While I found the comment to be quite complimentary, there are a few things I am missing that keep me from being Carrie.

First of all, I don’t have a gold nameplate necklace. I don’t have a NYC apartment that I can afford on a columnist’s salary. I don’t have Aidan and I don’t have Big.  Although, as a young prima ballerina, I used to covet his choreography and danceability, I would never date Mikhail Baryshnikov. I don’t have a year’s salary worth of Manolos and Louboutins in my closet. And  I don’t have three best girlfriends that I regularly brunch with. (another quick editorial aside: it both irks me and tickles me when people turn nouns into verbs such as I just did with brunch.)

That part of the series was always what appealed to me most.  Don’t get me wrong, the clothes were amazing, albeit a bit far-fetched at times, the shoes were beyond, and the men were…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t throw Smith Jerrod out of bed.  But it was that friendship between the women that really drew me in and kept me coming back for more.

How many of us have that? 

It all starts when we graduate high school and go off to college.  We spread out to different cities, different states.  We think we will never find friends as good as the ones we had in high school.  But then we do. And if we are diligent, our new friendships co-exist with the older ones.

Then there is life after college, when we go out and try to make our own way in the world.  We get married and aquire a whole new set of friends.  And if we are lucky, we get our spouse as a best friend, and still get to maintain those close girlfriend friendships.

…it is 11:07 p.m. and I am reading this post and realizing it is crap.  LOL  I have no direction and no purpose with this one, and I apologize.  But I warned you in the beginning.  It was a foreshadowing.  Anyway, I am going to end this now.

To save us all from further agony of this variety, I pose this question to you.  What would you like to see me write about?  What do you find funny and odd in the world?


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  1. todd Says:

    Loves it!

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