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This Week in Sports October 12, 2010

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I am not one of those girls that likes, or pretends to like, football.  I am not a huge sports fan to begin with, but of the big three, football is my least favorite.  I definitely don’t ever choose to watch sports on t.v.  But sometimes, I do go to a baseball game or basketball game, because those can pass as mild entertainment when left with no other choices.

But football is another story. And as I write this, I recognize that my opinion of the sport might be somewhat tainted by my husband’s obcession with, and ultimate devotion to, all things football.

We were offered free tickets to yesterday’s Browns game.  They were pretty nice seats too.

Anyway, the only reason I said I would go was because we were experiencing unseasonably warm fall weather in Cleveland.  I wanted an opportunity to soak that in before it is all gone.  And, I figured, the event would provide me with plenty of fodder for my blog.

So if I wanted to, I could have focused solely on some of the creatures that I saw, and describe them, and that would be funny enough.  However, part of the way into the second quarter, this blog took on a whole new direction.

Finding actually watching football to be fairly loathsome, I was playing with my phone.  I looked up to make sure I wasn’t on the receiving end of some scathing looks from die-hard fans.  What I saw both intrigued me and infuriated me.

I saw a guy with a handheld device that looked similar to a tv.  Then I saw someone else with the same thing hanging around their neck.  I poked Todd and asked him what these devices were.  He craned his neck around and saw that the guy in front of us had one and that it said Fanvision on it.

Curious by nature, I went back to my phone and googled Fanvision.  As I skimmed through the description, I found myself surprised that people would actually spend money on this thing.  But, I guess superfans needs to be able to see plays from different angles, instant replays and fantasy football updates and stats.  And don’t forget the cheerleader cam. 

Yeah, I said cheerleader cam.

Then I kept reading, and I saw that you can also use this device to watch other NFL games going on that day.

And this is where I have to pause and say a big


I mean just the economics of it make me angry.

Here is the math (for two people):

     Tickets – $126.00 (x2) = $252.00
     Parking – $20.00
     Beer – $8.00 (x4) = $32.00
     Hot Dogs – $5.50 (x4) = $22.00

     Grand Total:  $326.00

Now on top of that, people are paying $199 for these Fanvision devices.

So, $525 later, you have paid for the right to go to a live game (for an arguably crappy team), sit in uncomfortable seats, be surrounded by loud, drunk people you don’t know, and look at a tiny screen to check your fantasy stats.

And men say they don’t understand women’s obcession with shoes?  I’ll tell you what, $525 would buy  me a lot of shoes, or one pair of FABULOUS ones.

And I can enjoy them long after yet another disappointing Browns season.


4 Responses to “This Week in Sports”

  1. m Says:

    Next time – settle for a new bag and demand the cheaper tix to a catered loge. There’s a cable tv in it for non-football adoring broads. The Loubaitans won’t be in next year anyway.

    • llipps Says:

      Yeah. I guess what bothers me about it is how much is spent and no attention actually being paid to what is happeninng on the field.

      • George Helon Says:

        As a guy I’m not interested in sports. I have pretty much the same opinions about football as you do, however I would rather watch that than any other sporting events, but I neither need to not care too. You however listed prices that I was not aware of. Let’s drop the fanvision and go with $326.00 per game, every week. This is on the conservative side because I’m sure people eat and drink way more than the two of you did. Besides that I think ticket prices are lower because of the crappy season. So it could be as high or even higher than $500 per week with out the fanvision. That is insane !!

  2. Katie Says:

    I am a life long Browns fan, I was also at the game on Sunday and I completely agree with you! While I did get season tickets for my husbands 30th birthday you should be going to the game to watch and enjoy the game, hang out with friends and other fans, and cheer on your team! Prices are outrageous and these so called Fanvisions are just another excuse for some guy to make money! But….if you build it they will come 🙂

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