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Brain Flash October 22, 2010

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So I am at work.  (Not right this second as I write this, but as I thought about this.)

Everyone is quiet and tense and whispering.  A (BIG) potential client is being led around, through the departments, with various people doing demos and presentations.  This has been going on since 8 a.m. and as I think about this it is 3 p.m.

I have been moved from my desk to that of someone on maternity leave (ha, the irony!) so that a girl who works for us in Barcelona can sit at my desk.  They want to make it appear as though she actually sits there and works there every day.  So the picture of my husband and I had to go in the drawer. 

This gem had to be put away as well.

There is a woman who sits in the cubicle across from where I am “hoteling” today.  She has a personal space heater on and I am convinced it is cranked up to about 115.  I asked her if she had any marshmallows we could roast over her fire.

Additionally, this is still a somewhat new job, and there are tasks that come up every day about which I have questions.  The problem with that today is that the girl I have been working with, who has been showing me the ropes, her desk is next to my regular one. The one where Barcelona Imposter is sitting.

So I am sitting here, dropping serious poundage due to the sweating, and trying really hard to focus on my work.  And what happens when we try to focus on something?  Well for me, the result is that I usually end up focusing on anything but. 

So as my brain is prone to random thoughts anyway, I started thinking about the fact that I have SO many thoughts. 

I noticed I was jotting a few down on post-its, and had some in an app on my smart phone.  And then I started thinking about how I have to gather up all these post-its and look at the app on my phone just to refresh these thoughts in my mind.

These notes consist of grocery lists, to-do lists, websites to check out, etc.  But mostly they are “story ideas”.  What if I lost a post-it?  That might be the next pullitzer prize-winning essay.  Probably not, but humor me, eh?

Next, my mind wandered to my last job, and how on Fridays, one of the IT guys always got the tapes ready in the server room, because every weekend there was a backup created of all the computer activity that had occurred on the network that week.

Naturally, this made me think of how cool it would be if we could do the same thing with our brains.

Stop laughing, check this out. You have a flash drive that you plug into, I don’t know, your ear. (Painless, I promise)  So, all week, this flash drive records all your thoughts, ideas, whatever.  Then once a week,  you take it out, plug it into the USB port in your computer, and all the data is downloaded into a program.  The program is smart enough to categorize your thoughts and even tags them.  Then, you can scroll through your database of thoughts or ideas, and easily find the one you were searching for.

Maybe the flash drive is even programmed in such a way that it can read excitement levels in your brain.  That way when you have a really good idea, or when you think of something really important, it registers it as such, and when you download this into your database it flags those thoughts in some way.

Listen, back in the day, some people thought that by the year 2010 we’d all be cruising around in flying cars.  That hasn’t happened yet, (not on a global scale, but I did see the article on yahoo about the college kid who invented a flying car), but is my idea so farfetched?


3 Responses to “Brain Flash”

  1. hubban Says:

    You forgot your flashdrive, you forgot your flashdrive.

    • llipps Says:

      Thanks, now that will be stuck in my head Sheldon! (we love the big bang theory)

      • George Helon Says:

        This sounds cool. It would really help Alzheimer’s patients too. Maybe it could be like the Matrix where you have the plug in device at the base of your skull. Everything from that day or week or month would be downloaded.

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