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My partner in crime June 20, 2012

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Here’s the thing.  My husband cracks me up.

People always ask how you will know when you have met THE ONE. And the answer is usually, you will JUST KNOW.  I don’t know about all of that.  I do know that what convinced me that Mr. Lipps was my happily ever after was that we always have fun together.  We always laugh, we always enjoy each other, and together we can make the best out of even the most mundane experience. That’s the kind of person you want to go through life with.

So, again, in the spirit of using this blog to be able to tell some of my favorite stories, that he is sick of hearing, here are a few gems about my beloved.

He Bit Me!
One night, Todd and I were sleeping after having friends over for a lovely dinner party. (The following events happened very quickly although it felt like an eternity)  I woke up with a crazy pain on my head. Not a headache. This was definitely external. Anyway, I woke up, crazy pain and I cried out, OWWW!!! Almost instantaneously Todd woke up and started crying (he denies this part, but I was there. I know the truth) and said “oh my god, I’m so sorry!”

So what had happened is this: he was dreaming and in his dream he was apparently in some sort of fight. His cunning opponents had his arms and legs pinned. Not one to be outdone, he fought back with the only thing he could – his mouth. Which in reality, manifested in him biting the top of my head like it was a big tasty apple.

He gave me a black eye
We were sleeping. Both on our backs, side by side, with our arms down at our sides. He jerked or twitched or convulsed. Doesn’t matter how you say it. End result was  his arm flying up and his fist connecting with my eye.

I may be exaggerating a bit about the black eye.  But he definitely made contact and it smarted.

He pinched more than an inch
We were sleeping. Yep, a lot of my stories about him start this way. So, we were sleeping. Again, I woke up in excruciating pain. I looked down and he was  clutching my stomach as if he was trying to rip it off my body.  Not even an explanation for this one.

You may be noticing a slant towards the violent. Which is hilarious because Mr. Lipps is anything but.  I think sleep brings out his inner fight club member.

He also has a habit of attempting conversation when he is half asleep.  Most of which he doesn’t remember.  All of which is entertaining.

Being the good wife I am, I like to celebrate his milestone birthdays.  I threw him a lovely 35th surprise party, complete with professional blackjack and poker dealers. For his 40th, we had a bowling party. I wanted to make this extra special so I went about putting together a video for him.

I don’t want to get away from the point of this blog or bore you with details of the party.  It is really about the video.

My directorial debut ended up being more of a feature film than a  digital short, as it comes in at 45 minutes.  It is made up of a number of different things.  And while I enjoy the whole video, I wouldn’t expect any of you to watch all 45 minutes. But, if you let it load and then go to minute 34:50, you will see the bloopers and outtakes section.  This is made up of funny pictures and more importantly, funny videos.  See, I got hip pretty quickly to the fact that my husband’s incoherent mumblings were pretty funny and started recording him in the mornings.  And now, it is in the video for all to enjoy.  Again, if you just want the funny, go to 35:40.  If you are all caught up with the Bachelorette and anything else on your DVR, feel free to watch it all.  It really is delightful.


In Theory… June 12, 2012

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There are a number of things that I hear people talk about and I think, oh, that sounds great. In theory.

Allow me to explain.

Road Trips
I love the idea of a road trip.  Buy snacks, pack necessities, hop in the car and head off for an adventure. For about the first 90 minutes I am there.  The excitement level is consistent. I’ve got the playlist going, I am car dancing, playing the alphabet game. And then…well my butt is sore from too much sitting on it.  Why is it that I can sit at work all day long and my bum doesn’t get numb, but 2 hours into a road trip and I am sitting on pins and needles? For me, it usually ends up being about the destination, not the journey. (Although someday, I will have to tell you about the road trip to Windsor for my bachelorette party that ended up taking 6-8 hours instead of 3)

You know that feeling.  You have been staring at the 4 white walls for so long that you just can’t do it another minute. You excitedly run out to your nearest home improvement store, pore over the paint swatches and settle on the one perfect one that will absolutely change your life. Or at least your room. You head home with your new gallon of paint and anticipation. First, you have to pull the furniture away from the walls, or depending on the size of the space, maybe even pull it out of the room altogether.  Then, you have to tape.  Everywhere. Finally, you are ready to…prime. Ok, now you can do it. You can paint. Oh wait, what’s that?  You’re tired and sore from all the prep work? The ecru eggshell is not changing your life?  Suck it up, finish and grudgingly move the furniture back in place.


So, I know plenty of people who run.  They love running. They tell me how great running is. I love it in theory. Strap on your shoes, plug in the iPod and go. You and the road are one. No annoying thoughts worming their way in.  Just the fresh air, your tunes and your heartbeat. What could be better? How about not having shin splints. How about an activity that doesn’t require strapping the girls in to within an inch of their life. How about no complete boredom as my feet just beat an endless pattern into the ground, one after the other after the other, ad nauseum. Yeah, no danger of me becoming a marathoner.


I LOVE the thought of winter. Thinking about it now conjures up images of piping hot bowls of homemade chili, wearing a cozy sweater, snuggling with my husband and puppy as we gaze out into the snowy white winter wonderland. And I am not saying moments like that don’t occur. But we’re not living in a Swiss Miss commercial here. I have to drive in that white drivel. I have to wash out the salt stains that are left on my clothes. I have to pay the astronomical gas bills that come from trying to create that cozy feeling in my home. (The worst part is, I have to give up my glorious summer shoe collection. Although I do have some lovely boots)

Laying Out

Everyone looks better tan.  Not oompa loompa Snookie tan, but kissed by the sun tan. I certainly like to sport a tan.  So like all Ohioans, as soon as the weather turns nice and reaches a balmy 65 degrees, I am planning my sunbathing adventures. But then I get out there, I lather myself up and…within minutes I am sweating and bored. The only way I can sunbathe is if I am on vacation and there is a pool next to me.  Laying out in my own back yard just doesn’t seem to hold any appeal for me.

So, tell me what you like in  theory, but not so much in practice?


I said yes!!! June 6, 2012

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Nine years, 2 months and 23 days ago.

So lately there have been a lot of tweets, blog posts and facebook updates about weddings and engagements.

And it made me nostalgic.

One of the things that is the most fun about making new friends is that you get to recycle all your old stories because to them, they are new!  One of my favorite stories is THE PROPOSAL.  I realized that this blog could be a great way to tell all of you, who haven’t yet heard it, the story of our engagement.

Most people who know me know that I am a pretty no-nonsense kind of gal.  I pretty much tell it like it is.  And when I started dating Mr. Lipps, that was no exception.  There were two things I told him pretty matter-of-factly:

  • The first, was pretty early in our relationship.  I was 24, almost 25, and he had just turned 30. I told him that were both at the age that we shouldn’t waste time dating each other just for the sake of dating.  That if we knew that we weren’t “THE ONE” for each other, there was no reason to date for a long time.  Basically, don’t wait forever to pop the question, handle your business like a grown-ass man.
  • The second was related but it came after we had been together a little while.  I basically told him that when he proposed (notice there is no longer an if there) he had to make it really good.  I had worked in jewelry stores throughout college and had heard some great proposal stories, so he had a lot to live up to.

Cute fact: The first time he told me he loved me, he was so nervous that he phrased it this way: “I’m not so sure I don’t love you.”

We moved in together in June of 2002, after dating for 6 months.  I guess we both felt we knew.

He had always said that he wouldn’t propose on a holiday or on my birthday or anything like that.  When he made reservations for us at Pier W for Valentine’s Day 2003, I was slightly suspicious.  Maybe he had just said that thing about not proposing on a holiday to throw me off.  Off we went to dinner, and when we got there, as they were walking us to our table, I could see a bouquet of roses on the floor.  And I thought, this is it.  It is so happening right now.

We sat down and he made no mention of the flowers that were in a vase on the floor between us and another table.  He reached across, took my hand and wished me a happy valentine’s day and handed me a card.  I opened it, and aside from a lovely card, there was a gift certificate. For couples dance lessons. The man who will not step foot on a dance floor just gave me a gift certificate to take dance lessons with him? So, he’s really not proposing…???

I didn’t dwell too long because we had some exciting plans shortly after that.  At the time, Todd was working at Key Bank, and had made it into their President’s Club by being the number 7 salesperson in the country for the bank.  Every year, the top 100 salespeople made President’s Club, which basically meant a free trip for him +1 to some fabulous location.  That year the trip was to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.

His sister and brother-in-law had a condo in Miami, so we were planning a big trip: five days in Miami and then 5 days at Atlantis.

The plan was to leave on Friday after work.  My mom would pick us up and take us to the airport.

A few days  before, my mother had asked me to pick up some stuff for her at Aldi.  They had some stuff on sale and there wasn’t a store near her.  Since she was going to see me when she took us to the airport, I could give her the tea and carrots then . (this will matter, I swear)

Friday came and it was time to go.  Normally when we had travelled together, I was always the one who was in a hurry to get to the airport early while Todd was always very laid back.  That evening, it was a whole different story.  Todd was running around the apartment like a crazy person.  He was sweating and anxious, and just WEIRD.  He grabbed our luggage and said he was taking it downstairs and he would see me down there.  I couldn’t understand what was wrong with him and why he wasn’t waiting for my mom and stepdad to get there and help us with the luggage.  But, I just shrugged, grabbed our carry-ons and locked up.

As I came downstairs, Todd was coming in from outside. He grabbed the bags from me and told me to come on, they were here.

We walked outside and I asked where my mom was, and he said right there.

And pointed at a white limo.

Why is my mom in the limo?  He said come on honey, let’s go.

This obviously all happened very quickly, but there was still time for plenty of analysis and hypothesizing in my mind.

Maybe Key Bank had sent the car for us.  Maybe transportation to the airport was part of our President’s Club package.

Then, when I got in the limo and saw the bouquet of red roses on the seat: maybe he just wanted to surprise me with a nice start to this trip that we had so been looking forward to.

Although we had talked about getting married, NEVER ONCE did it occur to me that this was it.

The limo started moving, and Todd took my hands in his and said “Lilia, you know how much I love you-”

“I know babe, I love you too.  We’re going to have such a great trip!”

“No, quiet.  I mean hold on-”

And with that, he got down on one knee, on the floor of the limo and said ” hncwincjenc ksn bchdfv iwecb vrvoiuemc ed.”  Or at least he may as well have said that because I have no idea what he said.  However, somewhere in there was a proposal.  I  know this because I do remember him saying “I need an answer.” And I looked down and he was holding a ring.

After answering him in the affirmative, I picked up my cell phone and started trying to call everyone I knew so I could share my big news. No one was answering their home phones or their cell phones!  Why wasn’t anyone available for me to tell my exciting news???

Also, this. “Wait, where is my mom?  I have her carrots and tea.  How am I going to get them to her?”

He assured me that this wasn’t really a big concern.

We pulled up to the airport, got our luggage and walked inside.

And there, waiting for us with balloons and flowers, were our parents, grandparents and best man and maid of honor.  It was so great to get to share that with them.

Everyone we love!

After hugs and kisses, tears and laughs, we said goodbye to our family and friends, and after a brief stop at the newsstand to buy bridal magazines, we were off for our fabulous vacation, as a newly engaged couple.

And that gift certificate for dance lessons?  He had given it to me on Valentine’s day knowing that exactly one month later he would be proposing, and that we would use that certificate to learn a choreographed dance for our first dance as husband and wife.

Go ahead and swoon.  I did.

How did you get engaged?  I love hearing these stories!


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