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In Theory… June 12, 2012

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There are a number of things that I hear people talk about and I think, oh, that sounds great. In theory.

Allow me to explain.

Road Trips
I love the idea of a road trip.  Buy snacks, pack necessities, hop in the car and head off for an adventure. For about the first 90 minutes I am there.  The excitement level is consistent. I’ve got the playlist going, I am car dancing, playing the alphabet game. And then…well my butt is sore from too much sitting on it.  Why is it that I can sit at work all day long and my bum doesn’t get numb, but 2 hours into a road trip and I am sitting on pins and needles? For me, it usually ends up being about the destination, not the journey. (Although someday, I will have to tell you about the road trip to Windsor for my bachelorette party that ended up taking 6-8 hours instead of 3)

You know that feeling.  You have been staring at the 4 white walls for so long that you just can’t do it another minute. You excitedly run out to your nearest home improvement store, pore over the paint swatches and settle on the one perfect one that will absolutely change your life. Or at least your room. You head home with your new gallon of paint and anticipation. First, you have to pull the furniture away from the walls, or depending on the size of the space, maybe even pull it out of the room altogether.  Then, you have to tape.  Everywhere. Finally, you are ready to…prime. Ok, now you can do it. You can paint. Oh wait, what’s that?  You’re tired and sore from all the prep work? The ecru eggshell is not changing your life?  Suck it up, finish and grudgingly move the furniture back in place.


So, I know plenty of people who run.  They love running. They tell me how great running is. I love it in theory. Strap on your shoes, plug in the iPod and go. You and the road are one. No annoying thoughts worming their way in.  Just the fresh air, your tunes and your heartbeat. What could be better? How about not having shin splints. How about an activity that doesn’t require strapping the girls in to within an inch of their life. How about no complete boredom as my feet just beat an endless pattern into the ground, one after the other after the other, ad nauseum. Yeah, no danger of me becoming a marathoner.


I LOVE the thought of winter. Thinking about it now conjures up images of piping hot bowls of homemade chili, wearing a cozy sweater, snuggling with my husband and puppy as we gaze out into the snowy white winter wonderland. And I am not saying moments like that don’t occur. But we’re not living in a Swiss Miss commercial here. I have to drive in that white drivel. I have to wash out the salt stains that are left on my clothes. I have to pay the astronomical gas bills that come from trying to create that cozy feeling in my home. (The worst part is, I have to give up my glorious summer shoe collection. Although I do have some lovely boots)

Laying Out

Everyone looks better tan.  Not oompa loompa Snookie tan, but kissed by the sun tan. I certainly like to sport a tan.  So like all Ohioans, as soon as the weather turns nice and reaches a balmy 65 degrees, I am planning my sunbathing adventures. But then I get out there, I lather myself up and…within minutes I am sweating and bored. The only way I can sunbathe is if I am on vacation and there is a pool next to me.  Laying out in my own back yard just doesn’t seem to hold any appeal for me.

So, tell me what you like in  theory, but not so much in practice?


One Response to “In Theory…”

  1. Nidhizzle S Says:

    Haha. These are all so true. Especially the beach one! I get bored and start worrying about skin cancer when I get sweaty.

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