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Supersize Me July 9, 2012

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I am sure I will feel like a supersized version of me by the time I am done with this list.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  Here is a novel idea, why don’t I start at the beginning.

So, remember my new co-worker/BFF Molly? (If I call her my BFF enough times she will either start to believe it or will take out a restraining order.  In one scenario I end up with a BFF, in the other with a really good story.  Either way, win-win.)

Anyway, Molly and I both like to eat.  With me, you can tell.  With her, she crossfits away the evidence.

Delighted that we have found a kindred inner hungry girl in one another, we set about creating a list of all the places we would like to visit.  This list is comprised of places neither of us has ever been to as well as places that one of us has been to that we would like to share with the other.  Here is the list:

Soho (
Osteria (
Amp150 (
Barrio (  – have to say, I am a little annoyed that they don’t have a website
Momocho (
Spice (
Luxe (
Quince (
Dante (
Ginko (
DC Pasta Company (
Velvet Tango Room (
Touch Supper Club (
The Greenhouse Tavern (
Sweetie Fry ( – what is the point of a website with no menu?
L’Albatros (
Table 45 – private table (
Chianto (
Prime Rib Steakhouse (
Washington Place Bistro (
Tyfun Thai Bistro (
La Bodaga (
Cafe Isabella (
Lola Bistro (
Lolita – Sunday (

It is going to take us quite some time to work our way through all these, but it should be fun. I may or may not post impressions/reviews after dining at these establishments.  If I can remember the outing.  Molly’s main goal here is to find cocktails that I, the non-drinker, will enjoy.

Did we forget any?  Do you want to join us for any of our outings?

Also, and I am certain she will kill me for this, but…Molly is a striking, tall, blond beauty.  She is bright, funny and in shape.  And single.  Please send recommendations for handsome, single, age-appropriate, non-drug using, gainfully employed, eligible men my way.  I will be weeding through these for her as we have determined her judgement cannot be trusted.

Anyway, back to food.  Tell me if we missed any or if you would like to join us for any.


6 Responses to “Supersize Me”

  1. Anya Says:

    I’ve been to all but maybe 4 on your list, which I believe puts me in the running to be your official eating guide.

  2. LOVE this post! Especially your match-making ❤
    Great dining choices – I've been to all but La Bodega, Prime, Soho, DBA and Barrio. You and I already have a date for Quince (by the way, let's book it!!)

  3. John Says:

    My brother’s still not married. Just saying…

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