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My Happy Place July 30, 2012

Wow, what a weekend.  This was one of the better ones in a while. UPDATE: I started this post last week, to describe the weekend of 7/20 – 7/22.  Through a combination of being busy and lazy, I am just now getting around to finishing it.

It started Friday night at Gatherings Kitchen.  But I will do a separate post on that later.

On Saturday, Todd and I drove out to his parents’ house in Concord.  His mother and I had to go to a baby shower in Jefferson.  After the shower we came back to their house, lounged around being lazy and had a light dinner.  We were early to bed and feeling more relaxed than we had in a while.

The next morning we went to the club (Quail Hollow Country Club) for breakfast.  Then we changed and went back to the club to enjoy the pool. (Can I just take a quick aside to say how much I am enjoying typing “the club” because we are so not those people.)

This was the highlight of my weekend.

You often hear people offering this pearl of wisdom to people who are stressed: “Go to your happy place”

Well, let me describe to you my happy place.

To me, there is nothing like floating on my back in a pool.  I ease my way in and transition to the float.  I lay my head back so that just my ear are underwater.  I feel the sun warm and comforting on my face.  My limbs are loose, almost detached. And with my ears underwater, all the noise disappears.  There are no children crying, no teenagers laughing, no ladies gossiping.

There is only this. The sound of my own breath. The warmth of the sun.  The looseness of my limbs.  The feeling of complete and utter relaxation.

This is truly my happy place.  I just need to remind myself to “go there” when someone says something stupid on Twitter or cuts me off in traffic.

Where do you go when you imagine your happy place?


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