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For humanity’s sake April 29, 2013

Todd and I went and saw the movie 42 today.

This isn’t a movie review post.

In fact, this post will be a lot shorter than most of my posts.

The movie, if you are not familiar, is about Jackie Robinson, the first African American man to play in Major League Baseball. The story focused mostly on the struggles he faced being accepted as a Negro in an era where racism was rampant and segregation was a struggle.

As we were watching the movie, there were different moments where I found myself tearing up. These usually came when someone showed some kindness to Jackie. When one of his teammates stood up for him for the first time against an opposing team manager’s racist taunts. When the team owner told him not to quit because they needed him.

Basically, when someone acted with humanity rather than with hatred or ignorance.

Looking at something like segregation, you might say we have come a long way.

But have we?

How many instances of people acting with malice do we hear of daily now?

And why should someone acting with an ounce of humanity make me cry? Why is it the exception rather than the norm?

I’ll get off my soapbox. After leaving you with this one thought.

We all make jokes at another’s expense. We may not do it to their face, we may laugh with our friends, or we may just think it. Next time you catch yourself in one of those moments, do something radical. Compliment that person instead.

Humanity starts with you.


Mirror mirror on the wall April 23, 2013

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My birthday is tomorrow.

Totally not pertinent to this blog post, but I definitely felt y’all should know.

Anyway, this past Friday night I went out with a couple of lovely new friends to celebrate said upcoming birthday.

After work, I raced home to hurry up and get ready for the night’s festivities and while I was applying the war paint and twisting my hair into submission, I found myself wondering, as I often do, why bother?

As I mentioned, these were relatively new friends that I was out with and as we got to talking, my friend Collyn told me that she has me pegged all wrong. She thought that I was always a glamour girl – always with the hair and makeup done, cute outfit and high heels to complete the package.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most days you can find me dressed pretty casually, typically with my hair in a ponytail, or if I am feeling particularly enthusiastic that day, you may get a sock bun out of me. I definitely don’t bother putting my contacts in most days, and hardly ever trot out the makeup.

The exception of course, is if I am going out for a special occasion. Or, if it’s the first few days at a new job. Or for job interviews.

I don’t know why. Is it because I just don’t care? Or maybe I am not that vain?

I know women who don’t leave their bedroom without full makeup. A very good friend of ours walks around her house fully done up and with her heels on.  This always amuses me. But it must make her feel good and it’s not hurting anyone, so who cares.

So on Friday, I decided to do a little experiment. I took a picture of myself “before” and one “after.”

IMG_0709                 IMG_0710

I kind of think I look better in the before.  Maybe because I am not so great at doing my own hair and makeup. Maybe because I should smile. What do you think? Before or after?

And what about you? Are you a makeup every day kind of girl? And if you’re a guy, how do you honestly prefer to see a girl? Would love your thoughts.

Happy Tuesday. And by the way, this is what I look like as I am writing this. And yes, that does count as a smile.




What I learned at Ohio State April 16, 2013

I don’t typically write weekend recap blog posts, mostly because I think people really don’t care what I did over the weekend. But this weekend was a little out of the norm for me.

I went down to Columbus to attend TEDxOhioStateU and to see my little sister who is a senior there. We had been planning it for a while and were pretty excited.  I got up at 7:30 a.m. saturday morning and was on my way.

Let me tell you what I learned over the next 30 hours.

1. Grandpa’s Cheesebarn, in Ashland, is a must stop. However, stopping at 9:00 a.m., right when they open is no fun. They haven’t had time to put out all the samples yet at that point.

2. The two(ish) hour-long drive between Columbus and Cleveland is THE MOST BORING drive ever.

3. To stay awake during that awful drive, I advise blasting the Pandora station Hip Hop BBQ. Thanks to some tweeps for recommending it.

4. Ted talks greatly vary from location to location. National Ted talks are outstanding. TEDxCLE was incredible and inspiring. TEDxOhioStateU…well, there’s room for improvement.  However, there were a couple of talks that reinforced my faith in this generation of college kids’ potential to someday take over the world. (This faith was later tested in #8).

5. When going to dinner in Short North, make sure you read the signs when parking. If you don’t, you could end up with a $40 ticket like I did. Buzzkill much?

6. Boys still try to pick up girls in bars. Without feeling the need to put forth much effort. Boys – try a little harder. Girls – make them work for it.

7. Kids these days (oh yes, I did) don’t leave until 11:30 p.m. to go out for the night. When I was younger we went out at 10:00 and I thought that was late. I am usually in bed, if not asleep by 11:30. After getting up at 7:30 and sitting through a 6 hour long conference, I really had to rally to do this. And no, I did not take a nap before going out.

8. Kids today (there I go again) have no inhibitions. This is not a compliment. When we got to the bar, we saw a girl giving a boy a blowjob in the corner. I would love to have phrased this more politely but there was nothing polite about what was happening. Kids, the world is watching you. The things you do today, will stay with you forever. In my day, maybe it was being labelled a certain name. These days, with everything being digital, your foolish acts can literally take on a life of their own. Two side notes to this bullet:

  • Have some self-respect ladies. The boy never marries the girl that blows him in the bar in front of all his buddies. The boy never respects the girl who blows him in the bar. The boy who lets you degrade yourself that way is a douchebag.
  • And girls, if you see your friend make such an unfortunate decision, don’t stand and laugh, or worse yet, whip out your cell phone and start snapping pictures or taking video, all to be shared with millions of people later. Pull her off of him. Someday you will be the one making a bad choice and you will wish you had some good friend to talk you out of it. Be there for each other, don’t tear each other down.

9. Being old(er) is the ultimate equalizer. When we were getting ready to go out, I got dressed, did my hair and makeup (with a little help from my sister’s friends) and checked myself out. When I looked in the mirror, I felt pretty good. Yeah I had some miles on me, but everything was in its place, and the only things sticking out were the things that were supposed to. However, after the bar, as my sister and I were standing in line for food, I saw a friend of hers, whom I had not yet met, refer to me as her mother. HOLD UP. Either this bitch thought I looked old enough to have a 21 year old child, or she thought I looked like a big enough tramp to have had a child at 14. Either way, my sister needed to remedy the situation!

10. I miss sleepovers. I have no idea how I stayed awake for almost 24 hours. But laying in my sister’s room, talking to each other in the dark until 4:45 a.m., brought me back to those sleepovers I had back in the day. And I LOVED EVERY EXHAUSTING MINUTE.

11. That two(ish) hour drive between Cleveland and Columbus is even longer and more boring after a night like that.

12. I don’t ever want to be 21 again. I had a blast when I was that age. I have no regrets, no wishing I could go back and do things that I missed out on. I love my husband and my dog and my friends and the life I have now. It was nice to play in their world again for a night, but I have no desire be them again.

Thank you to Sarah Storer who joined us for Ted and dinner. It was nice to have someone close to my age with whom to share part of the day. Read her blog, She is ballsy and funny and honest.

Thank you to Hillary, Annie and Matthew. These are my sister’s friends and our co-horts for the day and evening. Hillary was the one who initially reached out to me to invite me to Ted and that is what brought about this weekend. Annie makes the best faces when she is disgusted. And Matthew bought me a shot, making my dream of a college boy buying me a drink, a reality.

And a huge thanks to my sister. With a 15 year age diference, it has been difficult being friends, not just sisters. But now, you’re one of my best friends and I love hanging with you. I love having a sister and I love the memories we are creating together. You are smart, gorgeous (beyond), and hilarious. I love you.

And now, it is dangerously close to my bedtime and I am still recovering from this weekend, so I bid you adieu.

IMG_0647    IMG_0671


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