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For humanity’s sake April 29, 2013

Todd and I went and saw the movie 42 today.

This isn’t a movie review post.

In fact, this post will be a lot shorter than most of my posts.

The movie, if you are not familiar, is about Jackie Robinson, the first African American man to play in Major League Baseball. The story focused mostly on the struggles he faced being accepted as a Negro in an era where racism was rampant and segregation was a struggle.

As we were watching the movie, there were different moments where I found myself tearing up. These usually came when someone showed some kindness to Jackie. When one of his teammates stood up for him for the first time against an opposing team manager’s racist taunts. When the team owner told him not to quit because they needed him.

Basically, when someone acted with humanity rather than with hatred or ignorance.

Looking at something like segregation, you might say we have come a long way.

But have we?

How many instances of people acting with malice do we hear of daily now?

And why should someone acting with an ounce of humanity make me cry? Why is it the exception rather than the norm?

I’ll get off my soapbox. After leaving you with this one thought.

We all make jokes at another’s expense. We may not do it to their face, we may laugh with our friends, or we may just think it. Next time you catch yourself in one of those moments, do something radical. Compliment that person instead.

Humanity starts with you.


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