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Mirror mirror on the wall April 23, 2013

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My birthday is tomorrow.

Totally not pertinent to this blog post, but I definitely felt y’all should know.

Anyway, this past Friday night I went out with a couple of lovely new friends to celebrate said upcoming birthday.

After work, I raced home to hurry up and get ready for the night’s festivities and while I was applying the war paint and twisting my hair into submission, I found myself wondering, as I often do, why bother?

As I mentioned, these were relatively new friends that I was out with and as we got to talking, my friend Collyn told me that she has me pegged all wrong. She thought that I was always a glamour girl – always with the hair and makeup done, cute outfit and high heels to complete the package.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most days you can find me dressed pretty casually, typically with my hair in a ponytail, or if I am feeling particularly enthusiastic that day, you may get a sock bun out of me. I definitely don’t bother putting my contacts in most days, and hardly ever trot out the makeup.

The exception of course, is if I am going out for a special occasion. Or, if it’s the first few days at a new job. Or for job interviews.

I don’t know why. Is it because I just don’t care? Or maybe I am not that vain?

I know women who don’t leave their bedroom without full makeup. A very good friend of ours walks around her house fully done up and with her heels on.  This always amuses me. But it must make her feel good and it’s not hurting anyone, so who cares.

So on Friday, I decided to do a little experiment. I took a picture of myself “before” and one “after.”

IMG_0709                 IMG_0710

I kind of think I look better in the before.  Maybe because I am not so great at doing my own hair and makeup. Maybe because I should smile. What do you think? Before or after?

And what about you? Are you a makeup every day kind of girl? And if you’re a guy, how do you honestly prefer to see a girl? Would love your thoughts.

Happy Tuesday. And by the way, this is what I look like as I am writing this. And yes, that does count as a smile.




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